Louis Clinic has performed numerous clinical treatments without any side effects in the non-surgical facial contour treatment sector and will bring the most superior beauty hidden inside you.

Power contour injectionALL KILL project

Case-by-case non-surgical facial contour treatment,
customized project solution that suits the face type of individual customers

<A type fat type> <B type muscle type><C type low elasticity type>

What is power contour injection?

Power contour injection uses natural drugs with a higher efficiency than other ordinary contour injections in decomposing and discharging fat and soft tissue, with Louis’ own specialty.

A simple injection treatment without cutting bones can bring about similar effects that can be achieved by surgery and make facial contours much smoother and smaller by lowering the quantity of fat and soft tissue in the face.

It also creates elastic and flexible skin by decomposing fats, discharging bodily wastes, and stimulating circulation of lymph.

Treatment process

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Power V liftingPremium lifting

With Louis’ know-how on lifting treatment, Louis Clinic provides
custom-made lifting suited to characteristics of individual customers that
can have the best lifting effects.

What is thread lifting?

Using the safest PDO threads officially certified by the FDA and KFDA, thread lifting inserts PDO threads precisely and delicately inside facial parts in order to have preferable lifting effects and help synthesis, as well as increase the collagen in the dermis of the skin. The non-surgical lifting treatment forms a slim line and baby face as well as a more elastic and clearer skin.

Treatment process

What is laser lifting?

Targeting on the SMAS tier of skin, laser lifting focuses its highly intensive ultrasonic wave’s point on the shallow and deep areas of the skin in order to have lifting effects around heat coagulation zones. It can be more effective for lifting when applied together with thread lifting.

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FillerFill and flow!

Louis Clinic only uses safe fillers certified by the FDA and KFDA.

What is filler?

Fillers are external materials that are injected into the skin or subcutaneous fats to improve wrinkles, inverted parts, and facial contours or corrections.
This simple treatment using fillers for required parts can be effective for those who can hardly have surgery or are tied up in a busy life. It is particularly best for improving wrinkles and the volume of the face.

Treatment process

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BotoxEliminating wrinkles and
changing square jaw to V-line

It is magic that can turn the clock back 10 years by investing only 10 minutes
Louis only uses the required amount of genuine products.

What is Botox?

This is a product name of injection mainly comprising botulinum toxins, and it uses Clostridium Botulinum, a germ that can be found in rotten food.When the refined toxin is injected into muscle, it prevents the creation of wrinkles by paralyzing muscles susceptible to wrinkles and blocking innervation.

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PimplesALL KILL Project

So sick of colorful pimples!! Clean and transparent

It brings back healthy skin from inside the skin through fundamental treatment

What is ALL KILL Project?

Louis Clinic maximizes the effects of treatment with its various techniques based on long-time know-how along with the merits of ordinary laser treatments.
It takes care of pimples, hair follicles/scars through a systematic treatment system along with management and treatment of sebum and inflammation.

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Girl group injectionCustom-made fat decomposition

A slimmer body than girl groups!
Louis Clinics’s exclusive program package of girl group injection

What is girl group injection?

Girl group injection injects drugs that decompose and discharge fats deep into the fat tier of the skin to dissolve, destroy, and discharge fats to make a slim body line

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Hair lossALL KILL hair loss treatment

Efforts for the most effective treatment
You can experience surprising treatment outcomes via Louis Clinic’s
treatment techniques

What is ALL KILL hair loss project?

It takes care of hair loss for men (hair loss at the top of the head, M-shape hair loss), hair loss for women, and alopecia areata. It maximizes the effects of hair loss treatment via proven treatment using stem cells and magnetic field.

Treatment process

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